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Chiropractic care has been around for quite some time. Unfortunately, not many people are aware of the history or benefits of visiting a chiropractor. Here are a few things that you may not know about chiropractic care:
How long has chiropractic care been a profession?
The profession has been around for about 120 years but some of the principles date back to the ancient Greeks. Hippocrates even talked about how important the spine was to having good health.
How many professionals practice chiropractic care?

There are 100,000 chiropractors in the world in 16 different countries.

What exactly does a chiropractor do to my spine?
Rest assured you are not going to be getting a random adjustment to your spine. The chiropractor is going to feel around your spine to ensure you are getting the best treatment tailored yo suit your specific needs. They will be able to feel around to find the spots that are the most tender and will be careful not to aggravate them.
The connection between your spine and your brain

Verbal subluxation occurs when the spinal segment is not moving properly. This happens because of how the brain perceives and responds to the sensory information that is coming from the brain.

What happens when the bones in your spine are not moving properly?

The brain might not be able to see what the spine is doing when the bones of the spine are not working the way they should. When the spinal bones are not moving properly, the small muscles closest to the spine are also not going to move properly. These muscles are actually the eyes of the brain because of their movement sensors.

What happens is the brain is not able to see what the spine is doing?
Even though the brain might not be able to see what is going on in the spine, it is still able to control the arms and legs. Therefore, with some chiropractic care, you are going to be a lot less clumsy.
Why should everyone seek chiropractic care?
Chiropractic care can greatly improve the function of the spine and your coordination. And who can’t use a little more coordination?