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Aside from your own hands, a quality chiropractic table is the most important tool for correcting a client’s musculoskeletal issues. Every practice is different, and with each comes a new set of patients–all with specific conditions and needs. In order to provide a fulfilling chiropractic experience, it is imperative that you pick a table that will meet your patients’ unique demands.

To assist you in your search, here are the top five chiropractic tables for 2017:

Sheffield Elite Professional Portable Chiropractic Table

by Royal Massage

Royal Massage’s Sheffield Elite table provides all the features of a top-tier chiropractic drop table while also implementing ideal portability. Weighing just 37 lbs, the table is made with extra padded multi-layered 2’’ foam and comes with a zippered carrying case. Quickly collapse and unfold the table with its easy-to-use folding design.

Working weight maximum: 450 lbs.

Master Massage Del Ray Therma Top Massage Table

by Master Massage


The Del Ray Therma Top table is built for maximum durability and comfort. Made of aircraft-grade steel support cables, the table only weighs 45 lbs and offers a 24’’ to 34’’ adjustable height. The Thermal-Top® heated bed feature provides an added therapeutic element to chiropractic sessions.

Working weight maximum: 750 lbs.

Portable Chiropractic Table Club 180

by DevLon NorthWest

From DevLon NorthWest, the Table Club 180 is a portable workhorse, offering users a comfortable, yet durable surface and an adjustable design. The table’s two-piece divided head cushion adds additional support for clients undergoing intense treatment.

Working weight maximum: 450 lbs.

Chiropractic Table Club 250 – DevLon NorthWest

by DevLon NorthWest

Also a DevLon NorthWest product, the Table Club 250, is essentially a heavy duty version of the Table Club 180. The table is a top choice for stationary chiropractic services, providing a strong but simple design. The table comes preassembled for quick initial use and also comes with a built-in paper roll holder and cutter.

Working weight maximum: 450 lbs.

Apex Chiropractic Table

by EarthLite

Another standout in the stationary chiropractic market, EarthLite’s Apex table brings quality and comfort as well as adjustability. Weighing just over 100 lbs., the table features a tilting headpiece with extra cushioning designed to offer patients a wide range of comfort.

Working weight maximum: 450 lbs.